Ramblood Recon Records

Digital state of the art Windows and Mac compatible studio located in the Almaden Valley of San Jose.  Owned and operated by Stephen Foglia.  Some of the many services available: include full LP record production, record demos, pre and post–record production, movie and television soundtracks,  commercial spots, compositional tutelage and collaboration, music transcription and digital notation, as well as arranging/orchestration for all instruments and vocals. Master studio musicians capable of performing all styles of jazz, rock, blues, pop, soul, Latin, country and classical are available for recording sessions.  These are the instruments that are offered: electric and acoustic guitars; piano/keyboard and all the synthesizers/computer based sound samplers, male and female vocals, electric and acoustic bass, drums, percussion, tenor, alto, soprano and baritone saxophones as well as all the classical woodwinds (flute, clarinet, oboe etc.), trumpets, flugelhorns, trombones, and all the classical strings (violin, viola, cello and bass viol).  Studio rates start at 55.00 per hour depending on the type of service(s) requested.  Click here to contact Stephen Foglia for full details.