JOB TITLE: Professional musician, composer, guitarist, pianist, vocalist, record producer, music instructor. 

EDUCATION: Studied jazz guitar from Jim Bruno and David Costa, 1972-76. Studied jazz piano from Frank Sumares and Don Haas, 1976-81. Attended West Valley and De Anza Colleges, 1975-79, studying composition and jazz improvisational techniques from Joe Davis and Tom Hart. Attended SJSU from  1979-82, studied under Dwight Cannon and Gregory Yasinitsky. Received a BA in Music/Jazz Concentration 1982. Attended SJSU again, from 1990-93, and received an MA in Music/Jazz Composition studying under Dwight Cannon, Hafez Modirzadeh, Dr. Daniel Hoggat, and Dr. William Meredith.

JAZZ ORCHESTRAL PERFORMANCES: The San Jose State University Jazz Ensemble has performed the following Stephen Foglia works in concert at the SJSU Music Auditorium: “Theme for Vincent” in 1980, “In the End” in 1981, “Book of Wonder” in 1981 and  “A Fool’s Wish” in 1992.

The Musicians Warehouse Big Band Featuring Louie Bellson on drums performed “Variations on a Theme by Taloose AKA Never Will I” by Stephen Foglia and Terry Loose at The Musicians Warehouse Jazz Festival 2001.

The jazz ensemble A Touch of Brass performed “Seattle Waits” by Stephen Foglia in the 2009 Composers Showcase Concert at The Improv in San Jose.

Currently The Full Spectrum Jazz Big Band is scheduled to perform “New Rules For The New Fools” and “Never Will I” at the 2010 Composers Showcase Concert Sunday March 3rd at The Improv 62 S. Second St., San Jose, 408-280-7475.  Tickets are $30.00 ($25.00 for students) and can be purchased at the Improv Box Office or online

PROFESSIONAL CAREER: Played 2,500 + solo and group engagements from 1976 - Present. 

Composed jingles for KICU TV 1983-84.

Performed with the following groups:

Fly with the wind, 1976-79

TP Funk, 1977-78

Chain Lightning, 1978-80

Prodigy, 1984-87

Foglia-Baert Jazz Ensemble, 1990-93

No Mercy, 1992-93

South Bay Express, 1995

Token Flurry, 1995-96

SPF, 1997 - Present

Member of AFM local 153 1990-1997.

RECORDING EXPERIENCE: Logged 5,000+ hours in diverse studio sessions as a musician, composer, arranger, producer, engineer and sideman from 1974 - Present.


Stephen Foglia/I, 1988

Stephen Foglia/Island in the Sound, June 1998

SPF/Island in the Sound (Revised), March 2002

SPF/Another Conversation With Myself, September 2005, re-released July 2009

SPF/III, February 2010

SPF/eclecticCovers, April 2012

SPF/Ethical Standards, scheduled for release 2013




Registered by Ramblood Publishing Co./BMI.:  


A Fool’s Wish

An April State of Mind

Another Conversation with Myself

Audition Issues


Bartertown (2009) 

Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Car

Book of Wonder

Christine Ago

Get Away From Me

In the End

Island in the Sound

Jennifer Styles

Kelli Girl

Line Vision

Living on the Western Side

Look at That Black Eyed Funk

Los Olvidados

New Rules For The New Fools

Portrait of a Tendaberry Girl


Seattle Waits

The Beguiled

The Cee Toe Shuffle

The Well Rat Revisited

Theme for Vincent

This Revelation

Variations on a Theme by Taloose

Well Rat

Who Turns For You


Taken from “MARQUIS WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA 57 edition 2003”:  FOGLIA, STEPHEN PHILLIP, musician, record producer; b. San Jose, Calif., Apr. 14, 1957; s. Rudolf Foglia and Carmel Figliomeni de la Pena. BA in Music, San Jose State U., 1982, MA in Music, 1993. Guitarist, pianist, vocalist, songwriter, arranger, prodr. SPF, San Jose, 1992- Present; owner/CEO Ramblood Recon Records, San Jose, 1992- Present; music instr. The Musicians Warehouse, San Jose, 1997- Present. Prodr.: (cd release) SPF “Island in the Sound” (revised), 2002, Stephen Foglia “Island in the Sound”, 1998, (album release) Stephen Foglia, 1988; musician: (jazz band) Stephen Fogiia Jazz Ensemble, 1992, (rock group) Chain Lightning, 1985, (jazz-rock group) Fly with the Wind, 1978.